Sodium gluconate retarder is the best retarder in many construction projects.In the construction process of concrete engineering in large area and high temperature area, retarder can not only ensure the bonding quality of concrete layer in summer construction, improve the shear resistance and impermeability of concrete layer, but also delay the release rate of cement hydration heat, reduce the adiabatic temperature rise of early rising, and simplify the temperature control measures. At present, there are many kinds of concrete retarders with different mixing amount. Different retarders have different solidification effect on concrete.

Action mechanism

There are many kinds of retarders, and the specific mechanism is also very complex, mainly including adsorption, complexation, precipitation and nucleation inhibition. The retarding effect varies greatly with the types of retarders. At the same time, it is inevitable that the amount of retarder is related to the retarding effect. When the dosage is small, the retarding effect is very good. When the dosage exceeds the standard, it may play a role in promoting the coagulation.

Retarding effect

The surface active factor of sodium gluconate is very active, which can effectively delay the mutual agglutination between cement hydrates, and then play a retarding effect. According to the experimental comparison, compared with other retarders, sodium gluconate can play a very strong retarding effect in the case of very little use. When the dosage is between 0.3% and 0.5%, the retarding effect is very good, and with the increase of parameters, the retarding effect also increases. However, in the process of using other retarder products, the retarder effect of the same standard dosage is far less than this effect.

In concrete engineering, the retarding effect increases with the change of sodium gluconate content and the reasonable range of parameters. However, there are also special cases.When the content increases beyond a certain range, the initial setting time of concrete materials reaches the limit. When the content increases beyond a certain range, the initial setting time of concrete materials reaches the limit. With the increase of the dosage of sodium gluconate retarder, the initial setting time of concrete is shortened, and even plays a role in promoting setting. Therefore, strive to achieve the purpose of both economy and improving construction quality.Pay attention to the dosage, avoid affecting the economic loss and shorten the initial setting time of concrete, so as to save and improve the construction quality.