The crude oil market continues to remain high under the influence of news and data. As of July 11 closing, WTI range maintained at 103.14-106.52, Brent interval maintained at 107.43-108.51 US dollars / barrel.
The main driver of rising oil prices comes from the market’s confidence in the recent US oil demand and the substantial improvement in the US economy, which is relatively stable and durable, so oil prices may still be supported in higher positions for some time to come.
Basic chemical industry
Chemical fiber: the domestic polyester chip performance is stable, the overall trend was slightly warmer. Market prices offer more stable, factories and traders pulled up slightly, this weekend offer another rise again 50 yuan / ton, the market has been difficult to see 9,300 yuan / ton below the price. At present the general factory or traders reported 9300-9400 yuan / ton cash, part of the slightly higher reported 9450 yuan / ton cash, discuss the focus is not clear.
Polyurethane: domestic styrene market prices continue to rise, trading atmosphere warming. The main influencing factors are: 1, the external environment: WTI crude oil break 100 US dollars / barrel after the high run, ethylene, styrene gold plate finishing up; 2, the spot market inventory fell to about 50,000 tons, tight supply, tight price Yang, boost the market; 3, 8-10 months of Taiwan and Taiwan region styrene plant maintenance will be re-concentrated, the supply will be substantially reduced; 4, futures filling needs strong support. Although the positive factors turned up to push prices, but the downstream side of the profit due to meager or even loss, resulting in the overall poor start, the purchase intention of the downturn, and there have been reselling raw materials, styrene phenomenon. It can be seen that the late styrene continues to rise is still a greater resistance.
Agrochemical aspects: complex domestic potassium chloride prices continue to fall, the price range of 50 yuan / ton, mainly port and border trade import potassium competition intensified. This year, border imports of potassium chloride significantly increased imports, importers generally concerned about the late price trend. Port potassium chloride offer a slight reduction, the price directly at all along the border trade potassium chloride station price. Domestic potassium side of the concern about the market of imported potassium market, the recent price of salt potash become the industry’s focus, because there are rumors that the company will introduce new prices in July, will continue to cut.