Calcium lignosulfonate

Calcium lignosulfonate is a multi-component high molecular polymer anionic surfactant. It looks like a brownish yellow powder with a slight aromatic smell. Its molecular weight is generally between 800-10000. It has strong dispersion, adhesion and chelation. At present, calcium lignosulfonate has been widely used as cement water reducer, refractory binder, ceramic body reinforcement, coal water slurry dispersant, pesticide suspension agent, leather tanning agent, carbon black granulation agent, etc.

Used as concrete water reducer:

0.25 ~ 0.3% of the cement content can reduce the water consumption by more than 10 ~ 14, improve the workability of concrete and improve the project quality. When used in summer, it can inhibit slump loss and is generally used in combination with superplasticizer.

Used as mineral binder:

in the smelting industry, calcium lignosulfonate is mixed with mineral powder to make mineral powder balls, which are dried and put into the kiln, which can greatly improve the smelting recovery rate.


when manufacturing refractory bricks and tiles, using calcium lignosulfonate as dispersant and adhesive can significantly improve the operating performance and have good effects such as reducing water, strengthening and preventing cracking.


calcium lignosulfonate used in ceramic products can reduce carbon content, increase green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay, have good slurry fluidity, improve the yield by 70-90%, and reduce the sintering speed from 70 minutes to 40 minutes.

As a feed binder:

it can improve the appetite of livestock and poultry, have good particle strength, reduce the amount of micro powder in feed, reduce the return rate of powder and reduce the cost. The loss of mold is reduced, the production capacity is increased by 10-20%, and the allowable content in feed in the United States and Canada is 4.0%.


calcium lignosulfonate can also be used in refining additives, casting, pesticide wettable powder processing, briquette pressing, mining, beneficiation agent in beneficiation industry, road, soil and dust control, tanning filler, carbon black granulation, etc.

Sodium lignosulfonate

Sodium lignosulfonate is a natural polymer with strong dispersion. Due to the different molecular weight and functional groups, it has different degrees of dispersion. It is a kind of surfactant, which can be adsorbed on the surface of various solid particles for metal ion exchange.

Because there are various active groups in its structure, it can produce condensation or hydrogen bonding with other compounds. At present, sodium lignosulfonate products have been widely popularized and applied in construction admixtures, chemical industry, pesticides, ceramics, mineral powder metallurgy, petroleum, carbon black, refractories, coal water slurry dispersant, dyes and other industries at home and abroad.

Concrete water reducing agent:

it is a powdery low air entraining retarding water reducing agent, which belongs to anionic surfactant, has adsorption and dispersion effect on cement, and can improve various physical properties of concrete. Reduce water consumption by more than 13%, improve the workability of concrete, and greatly reduce the hydration heat at the initial stage of cement hydration. It can be compounded into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, etc. the liquid admixture compounded with naphthalene superplasticizer basically has no precipitation.

Coal water slurry additive:

adding this product during the preparation of coal water slurry can improve the output of high mill, maintain the normal condition of pulping system, reduce pulping power consumption, increase the concentration of coal water slurry, reduce oxygen consumption and coal consumption, improve the efficiency of cold gas, reduce the viscosity of coal water slurry and achieve certain stability and fluidity.

Refractory and ceramic body reinforcer:

in the manufacturing process of large-scale wall and floor tiles and refractory bricks, the raw material particles of the body can be firmly bonded, and the dry strength can be increased by more than 20% – 60%.

Filler and dispersant for dye industry and pesticide processing:

when used as dispersant and dispersant for vat dyes and disperse dyes, it can increase the color power of dyes, color more evenly and shorten the grinding time of dyes; It can be used as filler, dispersant and suspending agent in pesticide processing to greatly improve the suspension rate and wettability of wettable powder.

As a binder for powdery and granular materials:

used for pressing iron ore powder, lead-zinc ore powder, pulverized coal and coke carbon powder; Pressing of cast iron and cast steel sand mold; Extrusion molding of mud brick wall and floor tile; In terms of pelletizing of mineral materials, good results such as high strength, good stability and lubrication of molds can be obtained.

Used as dilution dispersant and viscosity reducer in drilling:

Improve the fluidity of crude oil transportation and reduce energy consumption. In petroleum products, it is used as cleaning agent, dispersant, high alkaline additive, antirust agent, antistatic agent, emulsion viscosity reducer, wax elimination and anti wax agent, etc.