How is sodium gluconate in the food industry? It sounds unbelievable that sodium gluconate is edible? Is it really edible? If it is edible, where can it be used?Take you to understand.

Sodium gluconate in food industry,as gelatinizing agent,thickener,deflocculant used in health food such as ice cream, beverage, form food, meat product, jam, etc.

A stabilizer in meat products by increasing meat water-binding capacity and improving its firmness and sliceability. Meanwhile, sodium gluconate is a replacement of phosphates.

Food grade sodium gluconate can enhance the nutritional characteristics of food:

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness, people’s requirements for food nutrition and flavor are gradually increasing. Sodium gluconate can not only improve the flavor of food, but also enhance the nutritional characteristics of food. Such as through the milk.

Food grade sodium gluconate can replace salt:

related studies show that excessive sodium intake can induce hypertension. Low sodium food has become a research hotspot in food industry.

The salt taste of sodium gluconate is similar to that of table salt, but the molecular weight of sodium is only 10.5%. Compared with table salt, the sodium content of the former is only 1 / 4 of that of the latter. Compared with other low sodium salts, sodium gluconate has the advantages of no irritation, no bitterness and spicy salt taste.

Sodium gluconate can improve food flavor: in the food industry, flavor is the most important index to measure the sensory function of food. At present, the production and application of flavor compounds has become the focus of food researchers and producers.

Sodium gluconate regulates the acidity of food

Sodium gluconate can improve food safety by adding acid to food. Acid is the main form to prevent microbial pollution in frozen food. Using acid can reduce energy consumption, cost and palatability

Sodium gluconate is prepared into a sodium salt mixture (sodium chloride and sodium acetate are added respectively) and used for citric acid, lactic acid and malic acid respectively, It was found that sodium gluconate mixture had a moderate inhibitory effect on the acidity of citric acid and malic acid (pH 4.4), but had little effect on the acidity of lactic acid.

Sodium gluconate regulates the pH of citric acid and malic acid, so as to effectively reduce the sour taste. In the food industry, sodium gluconate protects beverage ingredients from damage caused by excessive temperature caused by traditional sterilization methods and saves energy.