Sodium gluconate, also known as sodium pentahydroxy organic acid, is a white crystalline particle or powder with a relative molecular weight of 218.14, a melting point of about 206 ℃, a 10% aqueous solution with a pH of 6.2 ~ 7.8. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether and has a certain salty taste. It is widely used in food, construction, medicine, water treatment, electroplating, development and other industries, especially in the food industry. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness, the requirements for food nutrition and flavor are becoming higher and higher. The food industry is developing towards a healthy road of diversified diet, green food and low consumption.

1. For medicine

Sodium plays an important role in maintaining extracellular osmotic pressure and capacity, regulating acid-base balance and giving full play to the normal function of neuromuscles. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of hyponatremia syndrome.

2. Stabilizer

Widely used as water stabilizer. It has excellent corrosion and scale inhibition performance. It has obvious coordination effect and is suitable for various formulas such as molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten and nitrite; The corrosion inhibition rate increases with the increase of temperature; Strong scale inhibition ability and strong complexation ability to calcium, magnesium and iron salts;It can be used as an inhibitor of corrosion in circulating water and cooling water to eliminate the risk to society.

3. Used as steel surface cleaning agent

If the steel surface needs to be plated with platinum, chromium, tin and nickel to adapt to special purposes, the billet surface shall be uniform

The coating adheres firmly to the steel surface and requires rigorous cleaning. . Adding sodium gluconate to the cleaning agent will achieve a very ideal effect.

4. Used as a special glass bottle cleaner

The professional cleaning agent for glass bottles with sodium gluconate as the main formula can improve the poor descaling power and easy blockage

Nozzle and pipeline of bottle washing machine; The ability to remove rust from bottle stickers and bottlenecks is not ideal; The trace residue after washing is not ideal for food safety (such as phosphate residue); Washing water discharged into public hazards (which does not meet the standards set by the state).

5. Construction industry

As a water reducing agent and retarder: after adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to the cement, it can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, and has a blocking effect, that is, delaying the initial and final setting time of the concrete.

6. For food:

1)Sodium gluconate can replace salt:

relevant studies have shown that excessive sodium intake will induce hypertension. Low sodium food has become a research hotspot in food industry. The salt flavor of sodium gluconate is close to that of table salt, while the molecular weight of sodium accounts for only 10.5%. Compared with table salt, the sodium content of the former is only 1 / 4 of that of the latter. and

Compared with other low sodium salts, sodium gluconate has the advantages of no irritation, no bitter taste and salt pungent taste. It has become the best substitute for table salt.At present, salt free bread, soy sauce and other food fields have been widely used. In white bread, sodium gluconate completely replaces sodium chloride, which will not cause the difference of bread volume, nor affect its overall flavor and shelf life.

2)Sodium gluconate can improve food flavor:

in the food industry, flavor is the most important index to measure food sensory function. At present, the production and application of flavor substances has become the focus of food researchers and producers. Recent studies have found that sodium gluconate has the effects of covering up the bitter taste of food, shielding the peculiar smell and improving the taste, and has a significant effect on the improvement of food flavor. By adding sodium gluconate to low-fat cheese, the original bitterness and astringency of low-fat cheese are eliminated and the overall taste is improved. By comparing the flavor of lactone tofu made with sodium gluconate and gypsum as coagulant, it is found that the tofu made with sodium gluconate is more tender and has higher taste and nutritional value.

3)Sodium gluconate can enhance the nutritional characteristics of food:

With the improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness, people’s requirements for food nutrition and flavor are gradually increasing.. As a multifunctional food additive, sodium gluconate can not only improve the flavor of food, but also enhance the nutritional characteristics of food. Such as through milk

Through the in-depth study of cheese hardening, it is found that sodium gluconate can form a soluble complex with calcium ions and lactate ions in cheese, so as to increase the solubility of calcium lactate, which can not only effectively prevent cheese hardening, but also ensure the nutritional quality of cheese.