Sodium gluconate pharmaceutical grade

Sodium gluconate pharmaceutical grade it is used for adhesives, biological adhesives, sustained-release and controlled-release tablets, medical dressings, dental impression materials, curing agents, etc.

Sodium gluconate is a pyrogen free substance from ROQUETTE, which is used in parenteral preparations and Rx injections. It is used as a drug as a physiological electrolyte in high-volume parenteral injection and as an excipient as a buffer in Rx injection.

In its efforts to provide the pharmaceutical industry with the most complete range of safe and reliable products, rogate provides a pyrogen free sodium gluconate pharmaceutical company. This pyrogen free organic salt is a crystalline light yellow powder. Drug grade sodium gluconate has low endotoxin content and is suitable for parenteral preparations.

Function in concrete

Sodium gluconate can be used as an admixture in concrete. Its functions in concrete are as follows: water reducer and retarder sodium gluconate are generally used alone, but they can also be used together with other retarders such as carbohydrates and phosphates. Sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder. Produced under properly specified and controlled conditions. The compound is chemically pure and non corrosive. The mass is constant. These characteristics can ensure that it has reliable and repeatable results in application.

Used as a special cleaning agent for glass bottles

The cleaning of hundreds of millions of glass bottles in the beverage industry, food industry and brewing industry, such as soda bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles, cans, soy sauce bottles and wine bottles, is a very important thing, and the pharmaceutical formula of cleaning agent is a difficult technical work. There is no ideal drug in China. The main problems are: the descaling force is not strong, and it is easy to block the nozzle and pipeline of the bottle washing machine; The ability to remove rust from bottle stickers and bottlenecks is not ideal; The trace residue after washing is not ideal for food safety (such as phosphate residue); The washing water is discharged into the public hazardous area. If sodium gluconate is used as the main body in the drug formulation of glass bottle cleaning agent, the problem can be solved.If it forms a market, it has great potential.

Used as water quality stabilizer

Sodium gluconate has excellent corrosion and scale inhibition performance. As a water quality stabilizer, it is used in circulating cooling water system, low-pressure boiler, internal combustion engine cooling water system, etc..

Because it has the following specific advantages:

⑴ it has obvious coordination effect. It is suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulations. The coordination effect improves the corrosion inhibition effect.

⑵ the corrosion inhibition rate increases with the increase of temperature. Generally, the inhibition rate of corrosion inhibitor decreases with the increase of temperature, or even completely loses its function. On the contrary, the corrosion inhibition rate of sodium gluconate increases with the increase of temperature in a certain range. For example, in the test of carbon steel and other materials, the temperature increases from 77 ℃ f to 120 ℃ F, and the buffer rate increases by more than 5% on average. Therefore, sodium gluconate, with its unique characteristics, is ideal as a corrosion inhibitor for high temperature systems or variable temperature systems from low temperature to high temperature.

(3) strong scale inhibition ability: it has strong complexation ability to calcium, magnesium and iron salts, so it has strong scale inhibition ability, especially for Fe3 +, even in the whole pH range.

(4) eliminate public hazards. Sodium gluconate corrosion and scale inhibitor circulates cooling water to eliminate public hazards.