The use of lignin as a rubber reinforcing agent, lignin in the rubber industry in the application of technical fields. The main point is in the concentrated papermaking waste liquid into the formaldehyde made of formaldehyde formaldehyde resin, and then added in proportion to sulfur, zinc oxide, stearic acid, curing agent, vulcanization accelerator, vulcanization activator and rubber at a certain temperature vulcanization. The invention can make the rubber filled with a large amount of lignin still without adding the softening agent, which not only saves a lot of rubber, but also obtains the excellent vulcanized rubber, while the vulcanization does not dust to pollute the environment, Lee, has a great social and economic benefits.
The main use of lignin
The use of its cohesiveness, dispersion, chelating widely used in various industries to improve its physical and chemical properties, cost savings and improve efficiency.
1 enhancer
In the production of refractory materials, ceramic products play a role in water, plastic, flocculation, can also be used for casting industry, as a secondary adhesive, cohesive force and good collapse collapse.
2 powder binder
Smelting industry will be mixed with mineral powder into powder, dry into the kiln, to improve the recovery rate of smelting can also be used as a dressing agent.
3 used as a concrete water reducing agent
When the dosage is 0.2% -0.3%, the water consumption of concrete is reduced by 10% -12%, the water-cement ratio is reduced, the cement is about 10%, the concrete is easy to be improved, the fluidity and the permeability are improved, and the concrete Strength and compactness, with early strength effect, shorten the setting time, improve the compressive strength, while reducing the loss of concrete slump.
4 scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor
Used in industrial containers and pipes, play a role in anti-scaling and corrosion inhibition, improve the window and pipeline life.
5 coal water slurry dispersant
For coal-fired power plants such as thermal power plants, as a dispersant, to improve the ability of coal dispersion, increase the heating rate and utilization of coal, greatly reducing the amount of coal in coal, while reducing the bridge and knot Block, improve furnace life.
6 other
This product can be used as a chemical agent for tertiary oil recovery, oil drilling mud diluent, and for sealing. In addition, can also be used for asphalt emulsifier, feed binder, refining auxiliaries, etc., is also widely used in pesticide processing, briquette production, tanning of the filler, carbon black granulation and soil, sand dunes, powder Jie control.