What are the benefits and dangers of citric acid?

When it comes to sodium citrate, there are actually two types. One is the more natural sodium citrate, which is stored in many fresh fruits. For example, when we eat apples, some fresh fruits are more sour, which is the taste affected by sodium citrate. The other is synthetic sodium citrate. It is a kind of crystal and can be used in many ways. The main purpose is more common. So, are there any benefits and dangers of citric acid?

The efficacy of sodium citrate

1. As a seasoning for many vitamin C products
Of course, it is also widely used in the food industry. In the industrial production industry, it can be used as a pure natural cleaning solution. In addition, sodium citrate is also commonly used in film development.
2. Sodium citrate is fused with other minerals and can also be used to make softened water.
Soap and soap powder with sodium citrate will become more reasonable. As a shampoo ingredient, sodium citrate has the effect of eliminating minerals in the water. Naturally, higher concentrations of sodium citrate will harm the hair because it will open up the thin cuticle. And bring the minerals you need for hair.
3. Sodium citrate is also often used as a food preservative.
It can improve the taste of some special beverages, especially tea beverages. It can also make meat tender because it tends to dissolve meat protein. Because of its bitter taste, the main food use of sodium citrate is to make candies.

The harm of sodium citrate to the body

1. Hypocalcemia
Taking a small amount of sodium citrate is not easy to cause all toxic and side effects to the body, and it can also promote the basic metabolism of the body. However, taking too much sodium citrate may produce practical effects that are not worth the loss. Taking too much sodium citrate may lead to the probability of hypocalcemia, cause certain side effects to one’s own gastrointestinal tract, and increase the probability of one’s own duodenal cancer.
2. Affect the central nervous system of children
Many children like healthy drinks containing sodium citrate. If you drink healthy beverages containing sodium citrate for a long time, you may cause great damage to your central nervous system. Often it is easy to cause confusion and headaches in the central nervous system. In view of the development trend of children’s physical and mental health, it will cause a very large negative information impact, and the adverse impact is very serious.
3. Muscle cramps
If you blindly follow the trend of taking sodium citrate, it may also cause twitching and muscle spasms. In addition, we must pay attention to sodium citrate. Do not take it with fresh milk. These two substances may react and coagulate pure milk, which is not conducive to normal digestion and greatly increases the chance of indigestion.