So, what is anhydrous glucose? What are the advantages? Let’s take a look at the introduction of , organic compounds, that is, glucose without knot water.

Glucose is an indispensable substance for organisms to maintain life. The body without glucose cannot carry out life activities. Therefore, glucose looks ordinary, but it is very important to life.

Anhydrous glucose is a new product to supplement body with the continuous development of medical technology in recent years.

It is colorless crystal or white crystalline powder; Odorless and sweet. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. Anhydrous glucose is a nutritional medicine. Glucose injection, sodium chloride injection, compound sodium lactate injection, etc.

In medicine, as a nutritional supplement. Used as a sweetener in the food industry. In biological medium preparation and pharmaceutical industry, as reducing agent, sugar, and in biological culture.

Anhydrous glucose is used in the R & D and production of infant nutrition products .

For example:

Lyingfang prebiotic glucose is a scientific baby feeding product developed by the infant nutrition R & D division according to the physiological characteristics and eating habits of modern infants. The “prebiotic glucose” containing compound prebiotics uses the highest quality super grade anhydrous glucose as the raw material, Bifidus factor nucleotide, zinc, iron and other vitamin nutrients are specially added.It is refined with the latest science and technology and advanced production technology. It tastes sweet and easy to drink. Nutritious food for infants and young children favored by young parents.
Anhydrous glucose is a kind of medical injection glucose. This  product has strong advantages over the previous liquid glucose, because is more conducive to the absorption of the body, and the effect of using is better for patients. Therefore, people can choose this product when choosing glucose in the future, and the effect will be better.

As a hex hydric alcohol, Sorbitol is a member of the polyhydric alcohol family, the lowest of which are ethylene glycol and glycerol. The close chemical relationship between Sorbitol and the lower alcohols (like glycol and glycerol) is responsible for the similarity in their general physical properties and applications in industrial technology.

In general, hexitols and their derivatives particularly Sorbitol, are used in diverse industries viz. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toothpastes, cigarettes, foods, textiles, adhesives, confectionery, printing ink, etc. One of the major uses of Sorbitol is as a humectant and conditioning agent. Many products under day-to-day atmospheric changes require the addition of a humectant to assist them to retain their freshness, softness and flexibility and to maintain ideal manufacturing conditions.

Anhydrous glucose usually made from corn starch. Anhydrous glucose prepared by vacuum evaporation and crystallization of glucose solution. There is plenty of availability of raw materials. The market demand of the above products is appreciably high and these have good export potential also. However, the main obstacle is that there is no available bacterial culture in India to produce these products, and manufacturers rely entirely on the culture of advanced countries.


1) Food:

The various nutritive physical and chemical properties of Dextrose make it a valuable ingredient in many food application.

2) Baking:

Dextrose is readily fermentable sugar and an excellent nutrient for yeast in bread dough. Its reaction when heated with protein provides color and flavours to bread and cookie crusts, Strength in bread for slicing and handling.

3) Beverage:

Dextrose is readily fermentable sugar and hence used in wine and beer to supply sweetness, body and osmotic pressure. It is adjacent to reduce residual carbohydrate level and caloric content in light beer production.

4) Canning:

Dextrose alone or with sucrose controls Osmotic pressure and enhances flavours, sweetness, and texture in Jams, Jellies, fruits and juices. In addition it helps to create the glossy appearance of Jams and Jellies.

5) Confectionery:

Dextrose supplies sweetness, softness and crystallization control in candies. It is also used in Candy and gum for coating, strength, hardness & color.

6) Pharmaceutical:

Dextrose Mono-hydrate is formulated with vitamins and Minerals and sold in packets or containers or used during convalescent periods of physical stress by patients, athletes and students. In medical formulations Dextrose is used in tableting and as a raw material in the fermentation industry for bio-chemical synthesis of antibiotics And vitamin C. via Sorbitol.

7) Fermentation industry:

Dextrose serves as a raw material in the manufacture of citric acid, amino acids, enzymes, lactic acid and ethanol.

8) Chemical Processes:

Glucose monohydrate reacts with sorbitol, mannitol methyl glucoside, gluconic acid and gluconate to form various chemical reactions.